The Tocabot Platform

Combines Automation with AI services to automate repetitive processes and uses AI to allow your organisation to automate more than ever before

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The Tocabot Platform is Enterprise Ready

You can design and manage the Platform via a web browser. It is cognitive, highly scalable, secure, quick to implement and simple to use.

Enable The Human-Machine Team

By automating mundane or repetitive aspects of a person’s job, you can unlock creativity and allow them to focus on what really matters.

Hyper Scalable

Tocabot is a scalable and system independent platform. Capable of handling one to a million bots and users

Rapid Integration

Integration is simple. You can start using Tocabot from the Cloud and as your requirements grow, add servers from behind your firewall.


Code-less automation allows all members of the team to get involved, with advanced users accessing our java and python functions to create bespoke capability

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate with IBM Watson, Microsoft and more, or train bespoke processes with TocaAI to automate complex elements of your business.

Cognitive Services

Tocabot seamlessly integrates with the leading cognitive services

IBM Watson

Google Cloud AI

Microsoft Cognitive

Nvidia Inception

Tocabot Core Server

Build workflows and automation scripts, schedule, manage pipelines, control and maintain your enterprise bot infrastructure and access the latest AI functionality and services

Tocabot Server Features

  • Technology and platform independent, allows you to automate e.g. Citrix, Oracle, SAP
  • Design, schedule and report across the enterprise from your browser
  • Hyper scalable, scale from one to a million users or bots
  • Open and simple integration
  • Usable by all your team members
  • Fast computer vision and OCR
  • Automate native applications like Excel, Outlook and .Net Apps
  • Integrate services like IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services straight out-of-the-box

Tocabot Software Robots

Control enterprise systems, desktops and devices. Unleash AI, Machine Vision and Machine Learning. The B40 Class Bot combines intelligence, ultra reliable and error-free automation.

Tocabot B40 Bot

  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, UNIX and Linux platforms
 Combined deep learning and algorithmic toolset
  • Data prediction capable
  • API based, can be used with other RPA tools and automation platforms
  • Capable of direct application control (e.g Excel)
  • Provides machine vision, machine learning and file conversion
  • Scalable and secure
  • Hardware GPU acceleration
  • Can be provided on-premise or in the cloud

Tocabot Dashboards

TocaNODL is the dashboard add-on for Tocabot. TocaNODL provides a convenient interface to Tocabot for users to kick off automated processes, check on the progress and interact with the intelligent automation platform without needing to access Tocabot.

TocaNODL Features

  • Create dashboards to capture ways of working and interest areas within documentation to train TocaAI
  • Provide a business user interface to Tocabot, so that users can trigger automated processes and get results without having to interact with Tocabot
  • Web-based responsive user interface
  • Heatmapping and voting functionality to drive structured data towards TocaAI
  • Can be provided on-premise or in the cloud


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