Intelligent Automation

Our choices of technology
often mean we need more
people to plug the gaps

Your business processes could
be automated to flow seamlessly and efficiently

Allow people to be creative
enable the human-machine team

Intelligent Automation

Increase Productivity and Morale

Our Tocabots can run 24/7 and are suited to more structured repeatable and auditable tasks within your organisation. Our platform can flex with demand at any time of the day and for any duration.

Hyper scalability from the cloud

Tocabot has been designed with a scalability-first approach that either sits in the cloud or behind your firewall, depending on your requirements. We make it so you can automate new systems quickly.

A new level in business efficiency

Many automation platforms require huge amounts of time to set up, integrate and get started. With Tocabot you can connect to a new platform within seconds, and get to work quickly.


Unlock efficiencies through a virtual workforce

Browser based

There is nothing to install on your machine, access everything via your browser.

Intelligent automation of any system

Our platform is agnostic. We can handle all Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac, plus we do embedded devices too.


Powerful machine vision and machine learning functionality allows Tocabot to make decisions as a user would.


Integrate the un-integrated


Utilise our smart blocks and put them together to automate your system in the same way your users would interact.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Tocabot provides you with clear data and provides a powerful reporting layer, as well as integrating into your existing reporting tools such as Splunk or Kibana.

Cloud or On-premise

Tocabot can be accessed from the cloud or sit fully behind your firewall 

Enterprise-grade Security

512 bit SSL security, and a fully encrypted platform.

Professional Services & Training

Our consultants and partners consult on BPMS, Automation and can help identify efficiency opportunities.

Bring Intelligent Automation to Life

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