Get Creative & Ditch The Grunt Work

Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

What did you do at work today? Seriously, if you were to write down all of the tasks you performed at work today on a piece of paper, what would that look like? Would you feel fulfilled looking at that page? Happy with what you’ve achieved and created? Or would you feel deflated? Like there are so many things on that list, but you don’t really feel like you made any progress on anything?

Don’t worry, it’s really common to fall into that second camp. Too many jobs today still rely on human beings to do basic, repetitive and manual tasks that bring little to no reward or fulfilment. This causes a drain on our energy, and ultimately means those processes aren’t being done as efficiently as they could be, and those people aren’t being used effectively either. And worse than that, research is starting to connect boring tasks with a long list of negative behaviours that could start to impact your business. But do you know what human beings are great at? Being creative! So today we have 3 reasons for you to ditch the grunt work and get creative, no matter what you do for a living.

It’s What Our Brains Are Made For

Creativity is, at a fundamental level, what our brains are built to do. At some point in our evolution from apes to humans, something in our brain chemistry changed and gave us the ability to think creatively to solve problems. Sure, some of us are more creative than others, and research has now shown that the brains of highly creative people are actually wired differently to the rest of us, but that creative spark and drive is within every single one of us. It’s what’s driven humanity to evolve as far as we have, and what keeps us pushing forward to new innovations and ideas. The Big C creativity might be what we celebrate in society, but it’s the little c creativity that has allowed humans to flourish over thousands of years. And even though it’s easy to give examples of creativity in the arts, more research is showing that creativity is a global process, and can be used across the board.

Machines Can Do It Better

There is no questioning that when it comes to repetitive, manual tasks, machines can do it better. It’s the main reason the automotive industry is fuelled by robots, and that software is in charge of processing hundreds of terabytes of data in just a few minutes. Machines don’t get bored, they don’t slow down because they are tired, they don’t need to sleep, and they don’t make mistakes. Robots and robotic software is perfectly suited to taking over mundane tasks like data processes, data entry, extreme sensing (like testing for leaks, detecting harmful air quality or hearing sounds too faint for the human ear), precision work and recording information. Since machines have perfect, objective recall, unwavering focus and flexibility, they are ideally suited to take over the ‘grunt’ work in your role and free you up to do the more creative, fulfilling jobs.

Increase Employee Satisfaction And Happiness

We’ve already mentioned that employee boredom can lead to a laundry list of negative behaviour in the workplace, including depression and lower focus levels. Of course, this tends to be the result of boredom over a long period of time – but that’s exactly what we’re doing when we send people to work in jobs that are manual, repetitive and not rewarding. It’s no wonder that the UK’s depression and anxiety rates are the highest we’ve ever seen. But if you remove those tasks from the equation and instead give your employees something creative and challenging to focus on, you will see a big change. Employees who have been relieved of repetitive and monotonous tasks through technology have shown higher levels of happiness both in and outside work, higher levels of productivity and more drive to go above and beyond at work. In other words, ditching the grunt work can make your employees happier and healthier.


At Tocalabs, we are firm believers that were technology can do a job better than a human being, it should. Because ultimately there are plenty of things that robots can do better than us. But there are also plenty of areas where human beings excel. Creativity, empathy, flexibility, acceptability, trust. So instead of replacing humanity with robots, we should instead focus on enhancing them. Give your workers the tools they need to automate the grunt work and free up their time to focus on more valuable tasks. You won’t regret it. If you’d like to find out how to do that, just get in touch with the team today.

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