We are Bringing Intelligent Automation to Life

We are on a mission to build the most advanced intelligent automation platform, with the goal of one day providing truly cognitive virtual workers. If we achieve our mission, then we believe that one day we can use a virtual workforce to simplify businesses that enable people to utilise their creativity and apply their human touch to the business. Businesses suffer from enormous complexity of their processes and systems, and this grossly impacts on their ability to deliver solutions. We’ve all come to accept these inefficiencies as the norm. In the era of RPA and intelligent automation, we will start to look back and wonder how we ran our businesses in this manner.

Virtual workers can support business goals in bringing together remote teams, and transform how people interact, by removing the mundane tasks that complicate or add distraction to a person’s day. We believe in a world where machine intelligence and people work in unison, it builds a happier and greatly improved business efficiency. It will be the companies who adopt RPA, Machine Learning and the Virtual Workforce early, who start to dominate the market in terms of their financial performance and speed. We’re at the point where these advanced technologies, formerly of science fiction, are now science fact.

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The Company

Our world-class team consists of enterprise developers, technical architects and machine learning specialists. Started as a project in 2015. Tocabot® has been the product of thousands of hours of work over the last two years to bring together the latest machine vision, machine learning, cloud and web application technologies. We’re a team of dedicated people; always on the lookout for skilled software developers, technical sales people and machine learning and vision specialists. Email: careers@tocabot.io or Contact Us.

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