Tocabot awarded Thames Valley #50changers

Tocabot & Pineapple team

Tocabot® by Tocalabs is pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of ConnectTVT’s 50 Game Changers 2017.

ConnectTVT was launched in June 2014 to “put the Thames Valley back on the tech and digital cluster maps” that the Thames Valley had disappeared from.  Louize Clarke the founder of ConnectTVT says “Being rich in established, mature tech-based businesses, global giants have been critical to the region’s economy but had also made us become a victim of our own success. I felt we had taken our eye off the ball about we how we were perceived; at a national level we were off the radar.”

The 50 Game Changers showcases the Thames Valley’s best home-grown organisations, demonstrating that the region is full of inspiring start-up and fast growth scale-up businesses. Many of these are based here in Reading and we’re delighted to be included this year alongside some fantastic organisations.

This year’s Game Changers were revealed on 22nd June at a launch evening at Reading’s Thames Tower along with the stunning views from the 14th floor!

So what makes a Game Changer? A game changer is a business or person that:

In introducing the 2017 Game Changers, director Louize Clarke comments, “It has always been more than a list of highest turnover companies – it’s about those championing change. To survive in the competitive digital landscape, we have to encourage a diverse mix of businesses across our innovation layers. We love giving a louder voice to those supporting community projects, the early stage start-ups right through to those heading towards their exits.”

Tocabot Co-Founder Mat Rule commented, “What’s happening in the Thames Valley is wonderful to see. However, in comparison to other tech valleys arounds the world, we need to do more to build momentum both in the tech community and the investment community to back and develop innovation.”

“We are really proud for getting recognition as a Game Changer and it has given us a platform for recognition, plus it’s a great opportunity for us to take a moment’s break from the hard work and look at the progress we have made”

For more information about 2017’s 50 Game Changers, you’ll find a list of this year’s organisations on ConnectTVT’s website.

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