3 Time Consuming Tasks You Should Be Automating

Did you know that automating password resets can lower the number of IT helpdesk queries by more than 30%? That 30% represents a huge amount of time for your IT department – time that could be spent on more productive tasks. Throughout your business there are hundreds, if not thousands of this type of task. Little jobs that take up a lot of time for very little reward, and end up eating into the productivity of your employees and your business. To show you just how many there are, we’ve picked out 5 tasks your IT department could be automating, and how much time that would save you.

Password Resets

We’ve already touched on this one, so let’s start here. IT departments across the country spend a huge amount of time on Active Directory password resets, and helping users access their locked accounts. Depending on the size of your business, this can add up to tens of hours on a weekly basis. Its an unfortunate by-product of security protocols – frequent password resets along with a complex password policy tend to lead to repeated account lockouts, which only makes the problem worse. In fact, some IT support workers spend 40% of each working day handle password reset calls, with the procedure for each one including phone authentication, execution of reset, confirmation, and documenting the call closure. But this whole process can be easily automated using RPA and self-service portal, reducing support calls and gifting your IT team that 40% of each working day back, and allowing them to work on more important tasks.

Automate SQL Queries

Another common task for IT support staff is the execution of SQL queries to extract data for the business to use, and emailing the results for the relevant people. This is a critical task for many businesses, but it is one that takes time and is very monotonous to actually do. This makes it a bottleneck for information, and means data provision is slow. But the automated alternative is simple and elegant. An automated workflow can be designed that connects and retrieves data from an SQL database, generates the retrieved data to an output in a text format or excel file, and sends it via email or text to a designated user. This is a simple automation that can be scheduled or run on demand, without the need to involve IT personnel at all.

Free Up Server Disk Space

One of the most frequent causes of unscheduled downtime for many applications is a shortfall in critical disk space. To the point that insufficient disk space on one of your SQL servers, IIS applications or Exchange can be more disruptive than any other system of network failure. This can be caused by all sorts of issues, but adds up to one thing – expensive downtime and hours of lost work. To avoid this, IT personnel need to monitor and proactively maintain servers with disk clean-up. But this is one of the most repetitive, time-consuming jobs in IT, and it doesn’t need to be that way. By automating a workflow that monitors servers for low disk space, automatically archives, deletes or moves any logs or temp files to new locations, sends notifications about disk space and is automatically initiated or scheduled, this task can run in the background, rather than taking up employee time.

At Tocalabs, we specialise in designing and implementing RPA automation solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And while IT departments can benefit hugely, the solutions can be rolled out to every corner of your business, improving profitability and productivity as they go. If you would like to know more, just get in touch to book your free consultation and demo.

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