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Intelligent automation

Robotic Process Automation meets AI

With the Tocabot® Platform you are capable of automating processes within your business like never before. Allowing you to bring the latest machine learning & AI functionality to real tasks and needs within your organisation. Tocabot integrates into your business platforms straight out of the box.

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Automate All Platforms

Automation that works on any computer system and any electronic device.

Cognitive Services

Integrates with the cognitive technologies from IBM, Microsoft, Google and more.

Rapid Integration

Fastest integration by far across the leading tools.

Deploy Anywhere

Cloud and on-premise both with 512 bit encryption.


Hugely complex processes and systems grossly impact on a business’ ability to deliver solutions to unlock their market potential.

In an era of RPA and Intelligent Automation, we will start to look back and wonder how we ran businesses without them.

Tocabot® is building the most advanced intelligent automation platform to provide truly cognitive virtual workers for your business.

How the global leading provider of retail analytics is using Tocabot to accelerate their growth

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